[FREE DELIVERY!] WOKWOK #CerealslyGood Cereal Prawn Potato Chips

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NEW! Crinkle Cut Potato Chips. Holds 200% more cereal :)

Note: Lou Hei Boxes are Raffles Exchange and Chinatown Exclusives, and not available online. Online orders are subject to delays due to CNY and will be fulfilled only after 11 Feb. 

CORPORATE ORDERS OPEN (Above 40 Packs!): Email eat@wokwok.sg for a special corporate rate!


     Rated 9/10                Rated 4/5

"It's so addictive that our office finished the packed of cereal goodness within minutes"
-Seth Lui

"Very dynamic.. they actually took real prawn. The best chip so far. Can taste the cereal, butter, salt, sugar, prawn"
- Eatbook

Join us in our WOKAHOLIC revolution. 
Established in 2018, WOKWOK was founded from Hawkers who wanted snacks to taste like the real thing. We’re on a mission to bring authentic Singaporean food global.
Our Tze Char Chef, famed Wee Yang of Ah Tan Wings created the Cereal Prawn Chips after numerous attempts.. and we can’t wait for you to try it!

Quick FAQs (full: www.wokwok.sg/faq)
Q: Do you guys do delivery?
Delivery is available for a limited time only, fulfilled via Qxpress: http://www.qxpress.asia/eng/html/customer_tracking.html

Q: How long does delivery take?
Delivery is via Qxpress, with an estimated delivery time of 3-5 days (Monday – Sat, excluding Sun/ public holidays, subject to delays this CNY). Track your orders here: http://www.qxpress.asia/eng/html/customer_tracking.html

Q: What happens when I miss a delivery?
After orders are sent out, the courier company will be contacting you to arrange redeliveries. Please arrange with the courier company (Qxpress).