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Q: What are your opening hours?
For the latest schedule, check out http://facebook.com/WOKWOK.SG. For the quickest updates, follow us on Instagram at http://instagram.com/WOKWOK.SG

Q: Can I make a bulk/corporate purchase?
Yes! For bulk/corporate purchases, please email us at eat@wokwok.sg.



Q: Do you guys do delivery?
Delivery is available for a limited time only, fulfilled via Qxpress: http://www.qxpress.asia/eng/html/customer_tracking.html

Q: How long does delivery take?
Delivery is via Qxpress, with an estimated delivery time of 1-3 days (Monday – Sat, excluding Sun/ public holidays). Track your orders here: http://www.qxpress.asia/eng/html/customer_tracking.html

Q: What happens when I miss a delivery?
After orders are sent out, the courier company will be contacting you to arrange redeliveries. Please arrange with the courier company (Qxpress).

Q: How are your deliveries done?
Deliveries are fulfilled to your doorstep.



Q: What happens if I forget to collect my order?
For the latest schedule, check out http://facebook.com/WOKWOK.SG

Q: How can I collect at the booth?
Collections are paused until further notice. 
Simply flash your email invoice for collection and verification. Collections must be done within 3 days of payment.

Q: Do you accept cash on delivery?
No, payments must be made online for collection orders.



Q: Is your food spicy?

Our chips has a low level of spice. Pictures are for illustration purposes only. 

Q: Are your chips vegetarian?
No, we are not vegetarian.

Q: Does your food contain allergens?
Yes, Snack Pockets may contain eggs, nuts, soy, shellfish, and dairy. 

Q: What is inside each Snack Pocket?
Every Pocket consists of freshly fried potato chips, coated in our crispy, aromatic golden cereal flakes and prawns. 

Q: What is the shelf life of your products?
As our Cereal Prawn Chips are freshly fried, we recommend consuming within 3 months from purchase. However, do consume within a week of opening to maintain product freshness and quality.

Q: What is the weight of each packet?
Our #CerealslyGood snacks are 130grams each.